Matching a name to a cell number has become easier now that there are special companies that have current databases of most if not all cell phone numbers. The great part is that some of these companies allow the layman to do a search right from a website. reverse phone lookup

The service is called a cellular phone number search and it is simple to do. All you need is a 10 digit cell number. There are some free directories on the internet for landline numbers. Landlines are things like home phones or company phones.

Unfortunately, most cell phone numbers are considered private and these free services do not have listings. The only way you can find a number to a cell phone is by using a paid service to find the information. They are not very expensive and they are a lot cheaper then contacting a private investigator who charges by the hour.

A reverse cell phone lookup will tell you a lot about who is using a certain cell number. You can get the persons name and their address as well as anyone who also has a phone listed on their account. These services may also list a land line phone number to that person.

The reasons to use a reverse cell lookup might be a suspicious husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a good way to get piece of mind if you suspect your spouse is cheating. If you find a name that you suspect after doing your search you can confront them in person or then hire a private investigator to then see if your spouse is in a cheating relationship. It is very easy to reverse lookup cell numbers for peace of mind.

If you are receiving annoying calls or hangups this is a good way to find out who is at the other end of the line. Just perform a cellular phone number search. Copy the number in your phones caller id and enter it into the website’s phone search box. You can then confront the caller and tell them you know who they are and they should stop. If they know they don’t have the cover of anonymity anymore they will most likely stop.


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