Choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your cosmetic procedure is one of the most nerve-wracking decisions you’ll have to make. Not only is it essential to choose a well-qualified cosmetic surgeon, but you’ll want to choose one that shares your aesthetic sensibilities, has a pleasing bedside manner, and is easily accessible.

While it may be easy to choose what procedure you want performed, you may find that it takes you quite a while to find the right plastic surgeon for you. Here are a few factors to consider when making this important choice. facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA

1. Distance:
There are some fantastic and highly specialized plastic surgeons around the country that can combine aesthetic artistry with superior medical skills. While many people find that its well worth the expense and time spent traveling to a specific cosmetic surgeon, for others it just might not be feasible. It also makes the issue of aftercare and follow-ups more difficult. Some patients may develop complications over time and your original surgeon may not be accessible to you when you need them.

2. Money:
Some areas of the country, and certain surgeons, will naturally command a higher price for cosmetic surgery. Before you start consulting with potential plastic surgeons, create a budget and research possible financing options, if necessary.

3. Popularity:
Although you want to choose the best possible cosmetic surgeon, don’t just go by popularity alone. Individual consultations, before and after photos, and your own gut instincts are worth more than a few talk show appearances. You may find some very competent and qualified local surgeons that offer more reasonable prices and shorter waiting lists.

4. Qualifications:
Before even bothering to call a surgeon, check their qualifications! You should only choose a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). It’s also wise to review their education, years of experience, and check for any malpractice suits against them.

5. Bedside Manner
It’s not just about skill. A good plastic surgeon should make you feel comfortable and confident. He should give you a detailed consultation, answer all your questions, and have plenty of informational material for you to review. At no time, should you feel rushed or pressured into making a decision.

6. Aesthetic Views:
You may have found a qualified, certified, and friendly cosmetic surgeon, but after looking at his before and after photos, you’re afraid you’ll get the same button nose that every other patient before you has ended up with. Do your aesthetic sensibilities match those of your surgeon? Some compromise may be necessary due to physical limitations, but if a surgeon’s vision deviates too much from your own, keep looking.

The internet can be a valuable research tool in your search, as well as recommendations from friends, family, and certain facets of the media. However, the decision you make should ultimately be based on your own instincts and your surgeon’s qualifications.

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