Organic traffic is the key to the best source of traffic for most internet businesses. Traffic from places like Google has a huge amount of benefits that other traffic sources can’t offer. Optimizing your website for the search engines isn’t a difficult task. All it takes for search engine success is creating and following the correct SEO plan around the best possible keywords available.

Before you can create this plan and conquer organic search engine optimization, you have to think about the basics of search engines. Websites like Google are doing their best to give their users the best experience possible. They want their users to be happy. Their entire purpose is to deliver relevant and quality content to those searching for information.

Users search for information by typing in a particular keyword phrase. These keywords will determine the overall success of a SEO campaign before it’s even started. The best possible way to reach the top of the search engines obviously is to create the greatest quality content relevant to the keywords being searched. Before optimizing your site for Google, make sure you fully understand how to effectively do keyword research.

Many people might be thinking, “Well, what exactly makes the best content?” This is the same question search engines like Google are asking themselves. To help determine which web pages will help their users the most, each search engine has their own algorithm that is used to study the billions of web pages on the internet. This algorithm will take into account a wide range of variables on your website and others around the web to help determine what really is the best content.

It isn’t possible for a human to look at every site available and choose which goes best with each search. Instead, they have what they call “bots” or “spiders” to give them a hand. These spiders will come to your site periodically to determine what variables your website possess….also known as “crawling”. Since these spiders are only computer programs, they can only follow the algorithm programmed into their coding.

Ranking Benefits

Out of all the free traffic sources available, organic traffic is the best you will find. There are many benefits of organic traffic. Targeted traffic that comes to your website everyday automatically is probably the best of them all. There have been many people who have made millions of dollars from search engine traffic alone.

What Does Optimizing For The Search Engines Mean…

Perfecting each area of organic traffic optimization is the key to dominating the SERPs…also known as search engine results page (or search engine ranked position in some circles). As stated earlier, optimizing for the search engine requires more than just making your site perfect. There are actually two major factors that the algorithms will take into account. These factors are split into on page and off page optimization. junkyards near me

On Page Optimization

Optimizing your website’s pages for the keywords you want them to rank for is a very important aspect of gaining high rankings. There are many areas of your website that you can improve to show the spiders that your site is the best and most relevant content for the search term. On-page optimization isn’t just about putting the right keywords in the right spots though. A large part of perfect optimization will take into effect the actual information you deliver and the way your audience reacts to that content.

Off Page SEO 

Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t only focus on the variables of their algorithm on your site. They like to see what the rest of the world has to say about you. The spiders determine this through links from other sites that come to your site…also know as backlinks. Backlinks are an extremely important part of gaining high search engine rankings.

SEO Strategy

Organic optimization for both your website and the rest of the web will produce one of the greatest traffic sources available. There are many different approaches to gaining these rankings. Many times this can make it very difficult to know exactly what’s going to work especially in the beginning of your internet marketing career. Having the right plan to follow for gaining high results is key.

How to get listed on Google in less than 48 hours…

Before you can even imagine getting high rankings in the search engines, you have to be found by the search engines. There are many approaches to do this like submitting your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing…social bookmarking your new site so the spiders find you…building a sitemap to make it easy for viewer and spider navigation…plus much more. Still, some internet marketers struggle to get their site indexed quickly. No one wants to wait weeks for their site to appear.


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