Pre-listing home inspections is something that has been discussed in the home inspection and real estate business for many years. Resisted at first by nearly every real estate agent and seller this timing of having a home inspection done is beginning to gain traction. There are definitely positives and concerns with having your home inspected before listing it for sale.

The main advantage to a potential home seller for getting their home inspected is to be forewarned of potential buyer concerns. No one knows for certain what issues a buyer will be concerned with since buyers come from all sorts of backgrounds and handyman experience levels. A pre-listing inspection gives the seller a heads up warning for what issues are present in the home. With this list the seller can now decide which things to have repaired. The sellers with their listing real estate agents can decide which items from the report are more likely to be a concern for a home buyer. These items can range from serious foundation issues, electrical concerns in the electric panel to minor safety things like a lack of outlet covers to keep small fingers safe. บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Lower repair costs is another advantage to the home seller who had their home pre-inspected. With the inspection completed and the list of repair items in hand the seller has the advantage of not being under time pressures by a potential buyer to get things repaired fast and at top dollar. The owner of the home has time to either fix the issues themselves or find a handyman who is reasonably priced. Both of these options save the seller money.

Speed of a sale is another advantage. Homes that were pre-inspected tend to sell approximately two weeks faster. This saves the seller two weeks of concern if the home will sell. This also saves the real estate agent two weeks of advertising and showing the home.

Asking price justification can also occur as a result of a home inspection. When a potential home buyer visits a home and sees that the current home owner had the home inspected recently and has receipts for repairs and improvements done on the home this helps to justify the asking price. This additional amount of information provides evidence that the property is properly taken care of. This displays to buyers and agents showing the home that this home is well taken care of and worthy of the asking price, after all look at how well they tend to it.

With these advantages it is understandable how potential home sellers are beginning to lean towards having the home inspected. Some real estate agents are also recommending to their clients that they have this done so as to avoid nasty surprises.


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