Never mind all these health warnings, people continue to get hooked on tobacco, even though they all know that it is bad for them. Knowing about the health risks is therefore not enough to convince people not to smoke. My generation smoked because our parent’s generation smoked, so it is our generation’s responsibility to help prevent the next generation starting this addiction.

1 A smoker’s life starts before the age of 20! Why does the clear message that ‘smoking is bad for you’ and the clear knowledge that a third of those who start smoking, will eventually die from the effects of it, not prevent young people from starting smoking?

This is partly because when we are young, we think we are immortal. Illnesses caused by smoking are assumed to be those of old age, at a time when you simply cannot even imagine having grey hair and wrinkles. Besides, surely by then, they will cure cancer, right? WE HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR GENERATIONS TOO.

It is a well-known fact that if you do not smoke before you are 20, you won’t start. You will be able to resist the social pressures to start. Long term addicted smokers started as teenage smokers who just could not quit. This is a very strong reason to get the message across to the youngest people in our circle.

2 Living Life as an Addict. Face the truth: smokers are addicts. They can’t quit, they may think they could if they wanted to do so badly enough. Yes it is true that some people do quit, but only through extreme effort, and like an alcoholic, many are fighting to stay non smokers for the rest of their lives. Once you start, it is compulsive, you don’t want to smoke, and you wish you could quit. Talk to any adult who smokes; they will tell you this themselves. Both smokers and non-smokers alike agree, that a person who doesn’t smoke should not start.

As the addiction increases perhaps to the two or three packs a day stage, your lifestyle will be greatly altered. Your first thought every morning will be for your addiction, every thing in your life will be based around being in places where you are close enough to go somewhere to smoke. If you are going somewhere where smoking isn’t allowed, like on a plane, the problem will be how long you will have to go without smoking and if the holiday or business trip is important enough to give up smoking for that period of time.

The cinema is another example; you can’t smoke at the cinema – say two hours without a cigarette. Is this movie worth going two hours without a cigarette for? If you have a friend who smokes, they will want to get their ‘fix’ just before going in to the film. In your car, or standing in the rain outside the cinema, perhaps they might pop out for one in the middle of the movie. Take a look at all those people standing around outside cinemas, theatres, restaurants and offices; they are addicted and do they look like they are having fun?  100ml eliquid

3. Mixing with Non-Smokers. Unlike other drugs, smoking involves the participation of non-smokers. For example, if someone is using heroin next to me on a train, I don’t much care. But if they are smoking, I have to breathe it. And non-smokers very much do not want to be part of someone else’s addiction.

Cigarette smoke fills a room; everyone has to breathe it. And believe me to a non-smoker, it stinks. The smell goes everywhere and gets into non smokers clothes and hair and into the furnishings and carpets of the room. This is why non-smokers do not like being around smokers.

This leads to smokers eventually only going to places where smokers meet and only socializing with other smokers, so the addiction is controlling where you go and who you meet. This is why I would say the smoking is not only an addiction, it is a lifestyle

4. Family Future. Of course what follows from this, is that smoking will affect who you go on dates with and who you marry. Therefore this is why I can say if you decide to smoke, you’ll probably end up married to a smoker. And your kids, they will grow up being smokers too, because it will seem normal to them.

5. Early onset health Issues. I know you know that smoking makes you sick when you’re old, but I want to tell you that actually you will also be sick when you’re young. One of the first noticeable effects of smoking is that you’ll be short of breath. That means you won’t be able to run as far or as fast as you used to. You’ll be wheezing and coughing and your physical stamina will be poor too. It will be as if you are 45 years old when you are only 25 years old.

What we are up against. The tobacco industry wants you hooked. For it to make profits long-term, you need to be hooked while you are still young. The earlier you get a person addicted, the deeper the addiction. While your brain is still forming it is easier to alter your thought patterns to keep you addicted.

Do you think you and your friends are being manipulated by the tobacco industry? Well how about this: tobacco companies give movie producers a lot of money, to make sure that all sex scenes have smoking involved. They want you to think that smoking is a normal part of having sex. If smoking is linked to sex, then smoking is what sexually active adults do and bang — you are hooked for life.


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