Myths about the SAT essay abound. But most of these rumors are not true. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about the SAT essay and lay them to rest, once and for all.

Myth #1 – The length of the essay doesn’t matter.


One of the rumors I hear quite often is that it doesn’t matter how long your essay is so long as it answers the question and is well written. Well, that just isn’t true. After interviewing several students and comparing their scores with how they wrote their essay, I am convinced that you must use most of the space provided.

Myth #2 – Your grammar must be perfect.


Another rumor is that your grammar must be perfect. But that isn’t true either. The SAT is a standardized test and must always be scored in the same manner. So, they cannot get to involved with grammar due to the many interpretations in grammar rules. Therefore, unless you make a serious grammar mistake, you don’t have to worry too much about your grammar. Essay typer

Myth #3 – They read every essay completely.

The idea that they completely read every essay isn’t logical. They have to score thousands of essays. It’s impossible to read every one of them and score them based on the entire content. Therefore, they must have a system that standardizes the scores based on an overview of the essays. Write my Essay

Myth #3.5 – You Can’t Practice for the Essay.

Often, I hear people say you can’t practice for the essay so don’t worry about it. Just show up and take the test. This thinking is absolutely wrong. You not only can practice but you must practice. Who Invented homework

The first thing you can do is start learning the directions for the essay part so you don’t have to read the directions on test day. Second, you can practice reading essay prompts and choosing a pro and con side. Then practice writing your introduction, your points and your closing. The more you work at these skills the quicker and better you will be at writing your essay.


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